This is NOT 1994

by Sal on November 1, 2005

in Election 2006,Politics

Do liberals really think 2006 will be a repeat of ’94? Four big differences:

  1. The Libby indictment of a charge resulting from the investigation does not hit home with average Americans like the house banking scandal did.
  2. Two Words: Bill Clinton
  3. Republicans had LEADERSHIP.
  4. Republicans had an AGENDA.

Speaking of scandals, CNN is reporting that DeLay gets a new judge. Turns out donating to is NOT the best indicator of an “Independent Judiciary”.

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Mike November 2, 2005 at 10:28 am

You mean we didn’t get the mug shot were hoping for? You mean we can’t have Michael Moore’s yes-man to judge Tom Delay? WAAAAAAA!


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