A Long Way To Go

by Sal on November 2, 2005

in Economy,Politics

Colorado voters yesterday approved a measure that would force citizens to give up their state tax refunds 53%-47%. While we recognize the right of the people to make a decision in a free election such as this, it shows that there is still much debate and education of our conservative ideas and principles required.

This measure will undoubtedly give the Colorado state legislature more money to spend, and take the money out of the economy where it could really do some good. Lower tax rates bolster the economy, which thereby increase government revenues. It’s worked every time it’s tried.

We’ve made much progress in the debate over the past several years, but this decision shows we still have a long way to go.

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msally6279 November 2, 2005 at 4:43 pm

WHAT?!?! I just can’t conceive that it’s even possible for that many economic masochists to coexist. I’m sticking with one of the following theories:
1) Coloradans never got the voting 101 memo which clearly states “Any referendum including, referencing, or insinuating the phrase ‘for the children’ = a substantial tax hike.” OR 2) The thin air in Colorado has repercussions far more detrimental than the Rockies’ inflated ERAs.


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