It’s a start…

by Sal on November 3, 2005

in Politics

Well, for the first time since 1997, Republicans in the Senate voted for a “Spending Cut“. It is worth pointing out, as has been by many others more learned and famous than myself, that all this really means is that programs won’t grow as much this year as they were originally supposed to under the annual baseline budget increase that all programs are supposed to get. Sound confusing? That’s the way the liberals want it. Baseline budgeting automatically schedules a spending increase for each federal program on the books. So, for example, if the Food Stamp program is scheduled to receive a 13% increase, and the congress decides to only increase it by 10%, that is considered a spending cut. (Makes you wonder what they’d call it if you actually decreased a budget from one year to the next…)

Imagine what this means. Recently, it was learned that not all people eligible for food stamps were applying for them. In fact, the program has to advertise and push some people to get these food stamps. Instead of assessing where the program is and realistically determine its budget needs (like a business would do), it automatically has a 13% increase next year. Those evil Republicans try to slow the rate of growth in a program that has obvious problems, (say down to 10%) and they’re taking away from the hungry. How Orwellian.

So the Republicans cut (in the loose sense of the word) the budget by about $36 billion over 5 years. When we have a $300 billion deficit, that’s only a drop in the bucket. But at least it’s a start.

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