Last of the Patriots (in the Democrat Party)

by Mike on November 3, 2005

in Politics

Zell Miller clearly and consicely articulates what the Joe Wilson-Valerie Plame mess is all about today at Miller himself admits that this sounds like a conspiracy theory. However, I would note that the entire “CIA Leak” story presupposes the truth of one of two conspiracy theories. The first theory is that President lied about intelligence to lead us into war. This conspiracy theory is bunk. Our own intelligence agencies as well as those around the world supported the conclusion that Iraq possessed WMDs at the time. Moreover, the Kay and Butler reports conclude that Hussein was intent on resurrecting his programs.

Senator Miller outlines the second conspiracy theory. Logic dictates that one of the two conspiracy theories must be true. After all, something happened to create this story in the first place. Either the administration lied or the person accusing them of doing so was lying. The evidence suggests that the last of the patriotic democrats is on to something.

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