Not Bad… Not Bad at all

by Ryan on November 3, 2005

in Politics

I personally believe that Bill Frist is a weaker majoritiy leader than his two predecessors in his tact, as well as his conservative philosophy on the use of government (read “spending”). So, when I read the article posted by Sal I was mildly excited that Senate Republicans actually held a line on spending, cutting social programs that needed trimming.

I come from a school of government spending policy that has four major priorities:

  1. Defense: I believe in the Peace-Dividend, because it worked against the Soviet scourge. As the administration of the late, great Ronaldus Magnus once articulated: Peace Through Strength. Hoo-ah!
  2. Education: I believe that carefully spent, means-tested money devoted to educating our populace with diverse skills for an every changing workforce makes America better able to compete with the ever growing markets of China and (let’s not forget the other member of the Billion Club) India. Check out Newt’s site for more neat ideas on education. As a teacher in the public “screwl” system I certainly do NOT believe that current education spending is the way to go, but I do believe that the government has some stake in trying to have the American education system produce the BEST members of a productive and kick-ass American society.
  3. Infrastructure: carefully spending cash on infrastructure helps to ease the flow of people to work, and the flow of commerce across the nation. Just make sure that that pothole on Route 1 actually gets filled in– yet, while doing so we don’t always need a union rep, supervisor, and three workers on overtime using our money to watch Pele plug the hole.
  4. Technology: government investment in new technology is also critical in competing with foreign markets. With new fuel technology and drilling with cleaner, safer, less intrusive methods on our OWN land, we can free ourselves from foreign fuel source dependency and cut costs to our own companies. For example: the contemporarily posh “hydrogen car”-style talking point graft is not the way to go. Hydrogen fuel has to be derived from liquified natural gas, which still makes us dependent on foreign companies that may threaten our long and short term national security interests. Let’s invest in ideas that are innovative that do not have us going in supply-oriented circles.

THEN, anything else after the first four have been funded in a responsible, means-tested way is suspect to pork, grandstanding and liberalism.

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Mike November 4, 2005 at 9:01 am

but please tell me you see the need for school choice?


Ryan November 5, 2005 at 10:25 am

ABSOLUTELY! Competition is what makes the market provide the best product at the most cost effective price. I feel strongly that if one were to introduce real competition in the education system, better results would materialize.


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