Catholic News Reported by the MSM is Rarely News

by Mike on November 4, 2005

in Religion

Anyone looking to learn about more about Catholicism should start by ignoring anything reported by the MSM. The AP apparently thinks that the Catholic Church’s support of science is news. People who have actually studied Catholicism know that the Church has been solid in its pursuit of truth since the beginning.

The Church’s pursuit of truth is no different when it comes to science. Though the Galileo incident was, by the Church’s own admission, unfortunate, it was not as is currently taught and reported. The dispute at the time centered around the Church’s insistence that Galileo refer to the heliocentric universe as a hypothesis until more evidence could be gathered to prove the theory. The Church, then and now, rightly views science as a means to achieving a better understanding of God’s creation.

I highly recommend How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Thomas Woods. His book presents a well-reasoned defense of the Catholic Church filled with research and facts that are usually omitted from any discussion involving Church history. If our public schools actually followed valid historiography in its courses and materials, perhaps academics as well as the incompetent and lazy MSM wouldn’t be surprised that the Catholic Church supports scientific inquiry.

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