This is What Hillary (shudder) Hopes for on a Larger Scale

by Mike on November 4, 2005

in Politics

Virginians may be sleepwalking toward disaster. Independent (former RINO) Russell Potts is probably drawing some votes from Kilgore. She Who Must Not Be Named would love to see a similar occurrence in 2008. After all, a third party candidate drawing votes away from a Republican is the only way a Clinton could ever take over the White House. It also looks like the only way the Dems keep the Governor’s mansion in Virginia. Don’t let it happen Virginians!

AFTERNOON UPDATE: The latest Mason-Dixon poll shows a slightly closer race. Kaine leads Kilgore 45-44 with Potts at 4.

Mason-Dixon and Rasmussen are two of the most reputable polling firms in the nation. Mason-Dixon is the gold standard for polling at the state level. Rasmussen is probably the best national outfit right now.

The Mason-Dixon poll leaves me a little more optimistic than this morning. That said, Kilgore should not be losing this race.

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