I Have a Headache

by Ryan on November 5, 2005

in Politics

Whereas it’s very bright here in NJ this morning and my head feels fifty pounds heavier, the situation in Paris continues to get worse! If the police do not start taking a more aggressive approach, then they should not be surprised that their weakness is emboldening even more people to join the fray. They tout a low death and injury count, but that has not solved anything yet. Chirac and “DeVil-in-pan” are all talk… but tell us something we didn’t know.

Well, they’re all talk until it has to do with kids in school wearing crosses, stars of David, or head dresses… THEN there is decisive action taken to rid the exposure of French children to the scourge of religion. The American Left looks at this kind socialist-Elysium-gone-wrong and believes that if the French government had just been coddling them MORE, then none of this would be happening.

Think about highway chases in California. Shoot the tires in the first mile and people might think twice before leading police on three-hour long chases that endanger countless numbers of bystanders in neighborhoods and on freeways. There is a time to be sensitive, and a time to kick-ass. Problem with Paris is that the French don’t quite remember how to do that.

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