Kabul, Baghdad, Paris

by Sal on November 5, 2005

in Politics,War on Terror

I think what most of the MSM has missed, and what no one has really said yet, is that the situation in Paris is another front in the War on Terror. It is a rejection of the Islamic immigrants in France to the secularist, socialist government of France. People running through the streets have been heard saying “allah’u ackbar” (or “God is Great”) as they torched Paris. Paris thought they would be spared from the War on Terror by opposing us in Iraq. What they failed to realize is that the War on Terror is not about our involvement in affairs of the Middle East, but it is about our way of life, and the way of life of Western Civilization. The good news in all this is that as we show our strength, we also show our humanity and compassion by liberating rather than conquering. As we spread democracy and give people self-determination, more and more Muslims in the Middle East will reject the Islamo-fascism of the terrorists. But in the meantime, Paris burns, and as usual, the French don’t have the spine to deal with it effectively. Another great “French Military Victory.”

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