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by Ryan on November 5, 2005

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The last gubernatorial debate between Doug Forrester and Jon Corzine is set for about 15 minutes from now. It’s being reported all over the place that Corzine had an illicit affair with, of all things, and intern and that she had an abortion. Also, Forrester had to deny his own alleged affair today. Whether the rumors true or not, the timing of these disclosures is interesting, but something just isn’t sitting well.

Entrenched politics-as-usual limosine-liberal Democrat Jon “Goldman Sachs” Corzine is running on a “change” platform, but alleged sexual hokey-pokey is the same nonsense that McGreevey “went down on.” With Dems in control of the legislature and the courts (yes, the courts in NJ are QUITE partisan… read Lautenberg), and with Corzine up in the polls, at what point to New Jerseyans stop electing these same tax-hiking morons?
I grew up seeing this happen too many times in Rhode Island! The idea:

Vote for Democrats because Republicans are bad.
Taxes are too high, the roads still have holes, and the politicians are currupt.
Vote for Democrats because Republicans are bad.
Since 1934, the RI legislature has been controlled by Democrats.
But, Republicans are bad!?! What, all 12 of them?!
Cycle continues. One’s head spins.

Forrester will at least shake things up and bring the issues out for us to discuss, even if he doesn’t have control of the legislature.

Also, I saw a commercial during the Notre Dame game (41-21). In one of Corzine’s new ads, Doug “SS” Forrester looked very nazi-like with the black and white screen and the slow movement on stage, like a WWII documentary on Hitler. And of course Forrester was next to the biggest nazi of them all in one scene: George “Einsatzgruppen” Bush! This follows a familiar pattern–when the libs lose the argument they start calling you a fascist. Typical NJ lib m.o. Perhaps the ad is a good sign! Go Doug!!!

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