The Under the “Bellwether” Press

by Ryan on November 8, 2005

in Politics

Rush had a great take on the media wanting, needing, desperately wanting to, in the immortal words of Ronald the Great, “believe so much that isn’t so.” They wanted to believe the forged Bush National Guard memo. They wanted to believe that lying vet about war atrocities. They wanted/still want to believe Joe Wilson. Just to name a few.
On Planet Lib anything is possible…

  • 2 + 2 = 3…??… Yippie, everybody’s right! HUG!
  • Oh, yeah, Reagan and Tip O’Neill were the best of buds, having drinks after work, chumming it up, hobnobbing every weekend, giving each other policy advice and the occasional high-five!
  • The Cold War was ending anyway–no serious threat from our former Soviet masters!
  • New Jersey’s a bellwether state.

(Sorry, I have a feeling that last one may be pushing it)

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