A little more perspective from the Axis of Right: Part II

by Sal on November 10, 2005

in Politics

The coverage of the elections is again showing the liberal/Democratic bias of the MSM. What did the Democrats win on Tuesday? They won two governorships and a slew of Ballot initiatives in the People’s Republic of California. Not much attention has been paid to the following:

  1. In Texas, a state constitutional amendment banning Gay Marriage was passed.
  2. Virginia’s other major elections, (Lt. Gov, AG) were won by Republicans.
  3. Mayor Bloomberg won in NYC
  4. In Ohio, a slew of “election reform” ballot initiatives sponsored by MoveOn.org and the Unions were summarily rejected by the voters.

So while Tuesday was definitely not a banner day for Republicans and the Conservative movement, it also wasn’t the complete disaster as portrayed by the media. It is important to keep this in perspective as we move into 2006, and not lose hope that Conservatism is losing.

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