Elite European Environmental Experts (EEEE)

by Sal on November 10, 2005

in Politics

My sister sent me the following very true and very humorous email the other day. I thought it deserved to be posted here:

A foregone conclusion to us. A perplexing quandary for the EEEE (Elite European Environmental Experts), who all apparently smoked too much dope during high school economics. Now only if these environmentalist whackos could come to grips with the fact that getting high via nature DOES NOT make one the omnipotent master on the subject of nature. On the contrary, these green peace lunatics haven’t been right about a single one of their senseless theories. Hurricanes have NOTHING to do with global warming, caribou thrive, not die, from drilling in Alaska, and despite popular belief, wasting paper can be remedied by the extremely challenging task of growing a tree. So until there is proof that 1) an excessive emission of CO2 does in fact exist, and that 2) it has nothing to do with nature( i.e. volcanoes, forest fires, and decaying vegetation), but rather the evil industrialized world (i.e. green houses, SUVs, and aerosol cans of hair spray), I say make like the 80′s and spray away.

Our parents raised us both well, wouldn’t you say?

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