Liberals Simply Don’t Understand National Security

by Mike on November 10, 2005

in Politics

Democratic Senator and media-darling Barrack Obama recently criticized Rep. Mark Kirk’s comments that men between the ages of 18-25 from terrorist sponsoring countries should receive heightened scrutiny in the War on Terror.

Obama’s remarks about profiling are not the focus of my disagreement though I disagree with his position. I applaud Senator Obama’s unease with profiling, but he needs to recognize that our desire to avoid profiling must yield if that profiling will increase the liklihood of preventing further attacks or capturing those who would attack.

My problem with Obama’s remarks lie in what they reveal about his approach to the War on Terror. A “public diplomacy process” is not the essential requirement for winning the War on Terror. Capturing and killing terrorists is the essential requirement for winning the War on Terror. The more allies we have the better off we are but we should not abandon focusing on people from terrorist-sponsoring countries in the hopes that others will like us. The stakes are too high.

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