Have we forgotten?

by Sal on November 11, 2005

in Politics

Seeing the news of the past few days, and hearing about Ryan’s brother, who is home from Iraq, I have been thinking a lot lately about the War on Terror. Is it just me, or has America seemed to have forgotten 9/11? If you look at the polls, the media, and just the daily attitudes of Americans, it appears that we may have. Just to remind everyone, put yourself back to 9/11 and where you were. Think about how you felt when you saw the first plane hit the towers, then the second. Then think about how, within the hour, another plane had struck the Pentagon and then a field in Pennsylvania (thanks to some courageous hero’s). Think about those who were murdered; the police and fire fighters who risked their lives, and many who lost their lives, trying to save their fellow citizens from the collapsing towers. Remember, and never forget, the unity of purpose our country felt at that time.

Look at how terrorism has hit other countries since 9/11, and how they reacted. Spain had a subway bombing, and reacted with weakness and capitulation. The UK had bombings this summer, and reacted with strength at the time, but weakness this past week. Yesterday in Jordan, another terrorist attack, a horrific attack against fellow Arabs was carried out by the terrorists. The past few weeks have also showed rioting in France by Muslims calling for Jihad. And there will be more to come, both abroad and on our own soil.

This war is only beginning, and it will require our vigilance to win this war. We need to stay the course, stay steady. We can’t give in to political pressures to water down the Patriot Act or begin withdrawing our troops. These things will show the terrorists a sign of weakness, a sign that they will surely capitalize on. We cannot forget it as a major issue. We need to fight it and fight it even harder than we are now, and with unity of purpose as a people. With all the talk on judges, taxes, spending, health care, and everything else that is more tangible on a day-to-day basis, it is easy to forget how important this issue is.

When history writes the chapter on the early 21st century, will they see an America that stayed the course, that fought with all its might like the Greatest Generation of World War II and preserved freedom, or will they see a generation that was weak, that capitulated, and that gave in. I pray, hope, and fight for the former, but I am fearful that the latter may become the reality. We must not give up the fight. We must continue to support our troops, support our President, and fight those who wish to kill and destroy us all. We can win this war – but only if we stay committed.

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Mike November 11, 2005 at 9:40 am

History will remember this as a time when we stayed the course and fulfilled our obligations. This will be so because of the leadership of George W. Bush in the face of an opposition that either does not realize or does not care about the consequences of the irresponsible rhetoric.

Unfortunately, I do not beleive that we will either remember September 11 or reunite as a nation until we are attacked again. I pray this is not the case.


Mike November 11, 2005 at 9:51 am

I would give the Brits a little more credit. Although Prime Minister Blair’s proposal to extend the deadline for holding suspected terrorists to 90 days was defeated, the alternative still managed to extend the period of time to 28 days. That alternative was not as strong as Blair’s proposal, but it was still a beneficial measure. People can debate which bill struck a better balance betwen freedom and security, but the UK’s actions this week are not comprable to Spain who dutifully followed Al Qaeda’s wishes.


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