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by Sal on November 11, 2005

in Politics

While Governor Romney is making slightly inappropriate comments, my wife Elizabeth pointed out that the MA legislature is abridging the First Amendment by prohibiting the free exercise of religion. Funny how everyone remembers the establishment clause (and make it into something it’s not) and forget the free exercise clause. In my wife’s words:

This makes me sick….

State senators have just passed a bill that would REQUIRE all churches to disclose their finances. This is obviously aimed at the Catholic Church in the wake of the much-hyped abuse scandal (see excerpts below). All other non-profits must report, but religious organizations have been exempt.

According to a spokesman for the Diocese of Boston, it will cost them $3,000,000 to comply with these new regulations. Talk about bureaucracy! This lack of bureaucracy is one of the reasons that the Catholic Church is capable of getting money to areas of need with very low operating cost.

It still needs to pass the house, but our state legislature is rabidly liberal… This is scary.

They say secrecy helped the Roman Catholic church in Massachusetts hide the burgeoning clergy sexual abuse scandal from public view, even as church officials shuffled abusive priests from parish to parish.

One way to prevent a repeat of the scandal is to bring the finances out into the light, backers of the bill said.

“We have a law that enables that darkness,” said state Sen. Marian Walsh, D-Boston, chief sponsor of the bill, which was approved 33-4 in the Senate. “Moral transparency and financial transparency are inextricably linked.”


My question is, how would disclosing of finances helped to prevent the priest abuse scandal? This is taking the horrific actions of a few Boston priests and using it to try to restrict the free exercise of the Catholic Church. Sickening.

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Mike November 11, 2005 at 12:08 pm

Excellent point by the Sals. Church critics were not motivated by a desire to clean up the church during the sex abuse stories. Their aim was to give the church a black eye. Luckily, they exposed corruption in the process.

Finances have absolutely nothing to do with preventing abuse. As they always do, the far-left wants to harm the church with this proposal.


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