Well Said John McCain

by Mike on November 11, 2005

in Politics

President Bush could go down in history as a great President because he transformed the reaction to terrorism from a legal battle to a war. The President was right when he explained that a successful war against terror would require more than a response against those directly responsible for 9-11. He was right to go to war with Iraq. However, the President’s biggest failure lies in his failure or refusal to articulate the reasons for and successes of the war in Iraq.

John McCain gets it. A successful foreign policy requires not only steadfast determination as demonstrated by President Bush, but also the successful articulation of the reasons for military action and the successes which the media refuses to report. McCain’s remarks on this issue are presidential in quality.

If only he supported the First Amendment. . .

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Sal November 11, 2005 at 1:48 pm

He does have his good attributes, and the war on terror is definately one. I’d pick him in a heartbeat for president over she who must not be named; that being said, I hope I’m not forced to make that choice.


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