Bush on the Attack! / Senatorial Cowardice

by Sal on November 14, 2005

in Politics

President Bush, for the second (week)day in a row, lashed out at Democrats for their flip-flop on the war. If Bush keeps this up, this will be a losing issue for Democrats and Bush will regain the popularity he once enjoyed. The biggest problem with Bush has not been his foreign policy, but his defense of that policy. Bush needs to be an apologist for the War on Terror, and by extension the War in Iraq (yes, it is part of the War on Terror!).

In other news, the Senate Republicans continue to show their stripes and their cowardice, attempting to set limits on the length of time our troops can remain in Iraq. This measure is sponsored by Sens. Bill Frist and John Warner. Frist, by this move, has totally lost my support. First, in a short-sighted socialistic move, he called hearings for the Oil companies to explain their profits. Now, he is undermining our President and the most important issue of the day — the War on Terror. I am calling on Frist to step aside, and give the leadership of the Senate to someone more worthy of the post. We did not vote for Republicans so that they could become cowards.

There is a serious problem within the Republican party. It is called the “Moderates”. These moderates (previously known as ‘Rockafeller Republicans’) will take the party down and hand it back to the Democrats. Since Reagan, the Republican Party has stood for leadership, lower taxes, limited government, the Right to Life, a Strong Military and National Defense, and the empowerment of individuals to succeed. Now these moderates threaten to destroy that vision and turn the Republican Party into a watered-down version of the Democrats. Conservatives everywhere MUST speak out and let their voices be heard.

The Republican Party, which seemed so strong six months ago, now appears weak and in trouble. What the Republican Party needs now is for its strong voices to come forward and stand with the President, even in this time of Political difficulty. It is only by exhibiting strength and unity that the Republican Party will regain the trust of the American People. It is only through strong convictions, honesty, and perserverance, even through politically difficult times, that the Republican Party will flourish.

As Rush Limbaugh has said on many an occasion, (to paraphrase), “No one has written a book on ‘The Great Moderates of History’”.

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