I’m Encouraged by Judge Alito

by Mike on November 14, 2005

in Politics

Judge Alito’s paper trail is certainly encouraging. I’ll admit it. I support a ban on abortion. It is unconscionable that one person should have a legal right to slaughter another human being. Overturning Roe v. Wade is appealing to me because it would be a first step to ending a silent holocaust.

But I also support judges who would probably overturn Roe for another reason. A judge who would overturn Roe shows great deference to the Constitution, the document which protects our liberties. The Constitution should always trump a wrongly decided case, especially one with grave consequences.

As a final thought I wonder, why should liberal judges have the ability to audaciously rewrite the constitution and then use stare decisis as an excuse to prevent intellectually honest judges from applying the constitution as written?

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