Speaker Hastert Cuts Through the Nonsense

by Mike on November 17, 2005

in Politics

House Speaker Dennis Hastert slammed Congressman’s Murtha’s call to withdraw our troops from Iraq earlier today. It appears that the Republican party is now taking seriously its obligation to not only support our efforts in Iraq, but also to articulate the necessity of such actions.

We are beginning to see the Democrat worldview for what it is now that they can no longer continue to rewrite history on this war. Unfortunately their desire for pacifism and appeasement they showed during the Cold War is beginning to resurface. It will take leadership from our President and those in Congress to see this mission through despite the counterproductive carping from the left. President Reagan showed that kind of leadership during the 1980s. I am confident that President Bush and the Republicans can honor Reagan’s legacy by winning this war despite the tactics of the irresponsible opposition.

Speaker Hastert showed true leadership today. We should all be proud.

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