Chris Matthews Officially Loses It

by Mike on November 21, 2005

in Politics

The person on the other side is not evil, they just have a different perspective.”

This is what Chris Matthews says about our enemies in the war on terror. I’m sorry Chrissy. People who fly airplanes into buildings or blow up innocent civilians with suicide bombs are evil. They cannot be reasoned with. They must be killed.

I think the problem with this delusional pacifist is he simply doesn’t understand the fact that evil exists. As a result, he is naturally squeamish when the U.S. decides to destroy our enemies. Thankfully President Bush recognizes that evil does exist and that it must be confronted and defeated. Thankfully President Reagan understood that as well. Just as important, thank God President Reagan soundly defeated Chrissy’s old boss.

Since 2002, Chrissy’s life long aversion to American strength has been obvious. In 2004, he elevated left wing media bias to a level of overt campaigning the likes of which hasn’t been seen in “objective” journalism in about 100 years. I would have no problem with this windbag’s opinions if they weren’t presented as objective journalism. On second thought, I would have a problem with this opinion. Keep digging MSM.

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