OK Liberals, What Would You Do?

by Mike on November 21, 2005

in Politics

Would a reasonable person be “jumping the gun” if he asked whether Iran may be hiding some weapons of mass destruction? Would a person who suggests Iran either has or may soon have weapons of mass destruction be a liar? Iraq did the same thing by denying entry to weapons inspectors. Those who were finally let in announced the targeted sites ahead of time.

If intelligence reveals Iran is getting any closer to acquiring nuclear weapons, what are the options? Should we debate it for over a year to give the Iranians time to move any WMDs they may have? Do we wait until a threat is imminent? Surely some pre-emption should be allowed if the threat appears legitimate.

How close do the Iranians have to come to acquiring WMDs before the world acts? What proof is required? The word of Iranian dissidents? Intelligence reports? Iran’s reaction to U.N. demands? A mushroom cloud?

There is no hindsight available on this question. The MSM hasn’t distorted the issue yet. (At least not as badly as they have distorted Iraq). So liberals, what do we do? And are the people who pay attention to this issue war mongers or liars for suggesting there may be a problem?

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Sal November 21, 2005 at 9:44 am

We need to engage the international community, our allies! The UN will make everyone happy and make everything OK. And we should really rely on France. They are the most efficient solver of world problems ever. I mean, just look at how they solved WWI, WWII, and Iraq!


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