The Problem for Senate Republicans

by Mike on November 21, 2005

in Politics

Byron York hits the nail on the head. Senate Republicans level harsher attacks against conservatives in their own party than they do against Harry Reid. I don’t believe that every moderate Republican needs to be challenged in a primary. Supporting a challenger should only be done under “extraordinary circumstances” (Bet you like that one Gang of 14).

Lincoln Chafee presents extraordinary circumstances. He has consistently votes for higher taxes, a dovish foreign policy in a post 9-11 world and and against spending controls. He even voted against George W. Bush in 2004.

Arlen Specter was another Senator who did not deserve national support. His record includes voting against Judge Bork, expressing regret over supporting Clarence Thomas, supporting abortion on demand, and opposing the impeachment of President Clinton by invoking Scottish law. Any of these positions taken in isolation could be overlooked, but the big picture presented the extraordinary circumstances which justified support for Pat Toomey.

Republicans are Republicans because the Republican party is conservative. Elected officials who undermine and even insult our values do not deserve and will not get our support. Our support will be reserved for Republicans who support what we believe in more often than not.

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