How Dare We Call You Anti-Catholic? Here’s How

by Mike on November 22, 2005

in Religion

A few weeks ago, I posted some advice to those wishing to learn more about the Catholic Church. I advised those seeking knowledge of Catholicism to ignore anything reported in the mainstream media. Here is a perfect example.

This story is misleading for two resons. First, the story leaves the impression that gay people are unwelcome in church. This is simply false. Sexually active homosexuals may not become priests, but all people are welcomed in a church. Second, the article fails to mention that priests are also forbidden to engage in heterosexual behavior. Earth to media: celebacy applies to both gay and straight priests. Then again, the mainstream media squirms at anyone who believes in any form of sexual restraint.

If you want to learn about religion, ignore the mainstream media.

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Sal November 22, 2005 at 3:07 pm

How dare the Catholic Church exclude people from a leadership position who shun the Church’s teachings!

Seriously, it is the commitment to its moral teachings that has been the strength of the Church and has kept it alive for two millenia. Maybe mainstream society needs to conform more to the ideals of the Church, rather than the Church to mainstream society.


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