Tancredo for President?

by Mike on November 22, 2005

in Politics

I like Tom Tancredo. He was one of the few politicians ahead of the curve on the need to curb illegal immigration. His message is needed in 2008.

At this point, his entry into the race will help John McCain because the only people who would support Tancredo above all others for President are people who would never vote for McCain in a primary under any circumstances. What candidate Tancredo would do is siphon off some votes from our “un McCain” in a primary, thereby helping McCain.

Those supporting Tancredo at this early stage are gung ho about it. They incorrectly perceive most Republicans as RINOs. (this coming from someone who sees more RINOs than most) This is why I believe they will not hesitate to support Tancredo over McCain’s conservative alternative.

Hopefully a conservative with more impressive credentials who also recognizes the need to curb illegal immigration will run for President.

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