Socialist Paradise Update

by Ryan on November 27, 2005

in Politics

I just read this and had to post it. Universal health care has many characteristics that people find appealing, unfortunately “quality” is not one of them. A few years ago, thousands of people died in France from “heat” during the summer. Why? Because August is the month that the doctors go on vacation. Many elderly could not get to a hospital that had “doctors” beyond an RN. Since there is no competition in the health market over there and monetary incentives for good quality care do not exist, people suffer. Electric grids break, people are freezing during the latest cold spell… yet the American Left looks to Europe as the great thing America could be one day!

In his book “Winning the Future,” Newt Gingrich called what Europe is going through “elegant decay.” The Left would like us to join them. Maybe I’m being too hard on our friends on the Left. Perhaps the government should offer Lefties some free health care…
MENTAL health care! I’m sure some pills and therapy might help their delusions, anxiety and angst. We’re truly only looking out for their benefit and well-being.

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