The Scandal of Iraq

by Sal on November 27, 2005

in Politics

I truly believe that when the history of the first decade of the 21st century is written, that the biggest scandal written about in the history books is the scandal of the media. The media has misreported, misinformed, and actively worked to sabotage the U.S. efforts in Iraq. By painting the picture of a “Quagmire”, “another Vietnam”, the media is giving aid and comfort to the enemy and helping America to lose the war. If the War in Iraq, and the greater War on Terror is lost, it will not be because the terrorists were stronger than us, or outfought us. It will be because the Media and the Democrats fought against the interests of the United States at home.

President Bush has to take this moment and follow the Churchill model instead of the Nixon model. He needs to present a message of courage and of victory, one that will resonate again with the American people. He needs to push the real vision of the war in Iraq, the positive vision that is out there, day after day.

Oliver North has a good column in the Washington Times today on Courage of Leadership and the War in Iraq. The President needs to step up. At the same time, we need to fight those enemies that are Domestic and would see the United States lose this war in order to selfishly regain political power.

How history will write the remainder of this chapter is still open. The outcome is up to us.

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