Ward Connerly on Diversity

by Mike on December 1, 2005

in Politics

National Review has an excellent piece by Ward Connerly where he discusses how the use of quotas disguised as “diversity” or “affirmative action” prevents many Americans from fulfilling their potential based on merit. As always, Connerly does an excellent job of highlighting the practical reasons to oppose affirmative action.

I would like to add that in addition to erecting economic and social barriers, affirmative action is a slap in the face to human dignity. Affirmative action is degrading to those it is designed to help by implying that those with a certain skin color could not otherwise achieve success. It is equally unconscionable to deny someone that which he or she has earned because their skin color happens to be a certain color. Whether an individual receives the benefits of affirmative action or is saddled with its burdens, everyone loses because at that point race becomes an issue where it otherwise would not.

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