The Colt’s Quagmire

by Ryan on December 3, 2005

in Politics,Sports


I was in my car yesterday coming home from a workshop on the Antebellum Period, getting ready for a Christmas Party when I needed some music to settle my head and get ready for the wonders of Central Jersey midday traffic. Yet, before going straight to my CDs, I turned on Rush for a minute, just to hear what was up when he read this by Jon Ham from his “Stack of Stuff.”

My God is it brilliant! It’s also something that is accessible to many and any who wish to read a parodied take on the MSM’s potrayal of Iraq. Basically, the Colts killed the Steelers last Monday night (26-7, but it really was a blowout), but this particular journalist wrote an article describing the game as if the Colts were America and the Steelers were the insurgents in Iraq. YOU MUST READ THIS!


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Chris December 6, 2005 at 7:19 pm

On the topic of the treatment of the American military, how about John Kerry’s reprehensible comments the other day. I’ll let you take a read so you can use it for future blog material.


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