The More Things Change . . .

by Mike on December 8, 2005

in Politics

We rightly remember Winston Churchill as a hero who had the courage to confront and help defeat Nazi Germany. But as Rick Richman reminds us, Churchill did not enjoy universal support at the time. In fact, he faced the same kind of senseless carping that President Bush has to deal with today.

President Bush is not Winston Churchill, at least not yet. Most of today’s Democrats on the other hand, are no different than the short-sighted appeasers and opportunists who tried to undermine Churchill. History treated Churchill well because what he did was right. History will treat George W. Bush just fine if he stays the course and ignores the lunatics on the far left (i.e. the Democrat party).

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Sal December 8, 2005 at 8:17 pm

It is a sad state of affairs in human history that great leaders are never fully recognized in their own time. In fact, a mark of a great leader is one who does what is right, despite the opposition, even ridicule. Others widely regarded as great leaders also shared the same fate among their contemporaries, including Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and countless others.


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