This is Why They are Called Islamofascists

by Ryan on December 8, 2005

in Politics

Rather than objectively look at the real reasons behind the plight of the Palestinians, Iran chooses spew this garbage. I guess it’s Israel’s fault that their historic and cultural home happens to be in… well… Israel!

  • Why don’t some of these angry Muslim nations increase their charitable giving and political assistance to the Palestinians in their time of need? Oh, that’s right… that would mean that they would care MORE about the Palestinians, than hating Jews.
  • Declaring that Jews/Israel should go to Europe? Iran could simply go to hell.
  • Maybe they can give part of their land to the Aryans that were there before they were?
  • Perhaps the Phoenecians have dibs on Israel BEFORE the Palestinians get their chance? Even so, the Jews were there before the Muslims were… oh dear, oh dear…

Nuts to that! Iran is trouble… they aren’t even Arab, they despize Arabs, but the Palestinians are their brothers? Perhaps in just hating Israel.

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