by Ryan on December 12, 2005

in Politics

Now they can’t ignore it! 71% of Iraqis believe that there is a future worth creating in their own country. However, ABC tries to tell us that things still suck over there and that the Iraqi people have “mixed” feelings about their current, individual situation and the sectarian violence. Look at the Tookie Williams situation here in LA! Just because they are preparing for riots in a few days, does not prove that America has a “tough road ahead” (even after the “occupiers” leave LA). LA is just being cautious, because even in our flourishing democracy not everyone can be reasonable and passions sometimes drive debates in dangerous directions. That’s the price to pay. I think that we’ll survive Tookie, like Iraq will survive ABC polling.

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Chris December 13, 2005 at 8:55 pm

Probably something we don’t need to re-hash because this disgrace of a human being should be forgotten, but I cannot resist. The media, Snoop, Jamie Foxx and thier ilk have been screaming that clemency be granted to Tookie Williams, claiming he’s a changed man. Funny how the media “forgets” to mention his behavior on death row to advace their own agenda. Kudos to Arnold for not caving to this liberal poppycock…he did the right thing!


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