A Famous Date to Observe

by Ryan on December 13, 2005

in Politics

Keep in mind that 2 years ago today, Saddam Hussein, in a stout show of post-dictatorial bravery to rival Adolf Hitler and Nicholas Ceausescu, decided to throw in the towel (in his own unique way, taking directions, and bribes, from the French). I do remember him being caught with a gun AND walking away from that spider hole. God Bless the patience of the American soldier!

It was five years and a day ago that America dodged it’s biggest bullet in modern times, when the official defeat of Al Gore was “certified” by a Supreme Court who never should have had to hear that case. Vote Harris!!!

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Chris December 14, 2005 at 8:39 am

Had it not been for those two important events and dates, it’s safe to say this would not be happening today (actually tomorrow) in Iraq…and I second that: God bless the patience of the American soldier.


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