A real leak scandal

by Sal on December 13, 2005

in Politics

Forget Valerie Plame, the real leak scandal is the leak of the CIA secret prisons in Europe, which is erupting into a full-scale investigation by the EU. This leak amounts to treason, as the knowledge of this information by our enemies, and even by our allies in a public forum, could cost American lives. Prosecutors should spend less time investigating the “leak” of a CIA employee who did not enjoy covert status, and more time investigating who leaked this crucial information. Once they find out who did, they should prosecute them for treason against the United States.

And yes, I do feel this way whether it is a Democrat or Republican who is ultimately responsible for this leak.

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Mike December 13, 2005 at 4:25 pm

I echo Sal’s sentiments. Unfortuntely though, I fear that some in America think the leak is a good thing. Treason is chic these days.


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