11 PM EST: The March of History will Continue it’s Beat

by Ryan on December 14, 2005

in Politics

This was a great speech that the President gave today! He usurped the whole “Bush can’t admit that he’s wrong” BS from the Left. Now, Bush did not admit that the decision to go to war was wrong, rather that the intelligence was flawed and that he takes responsibility for that aspect.

Happily, the Left cannot continue to use this criticism. Even Larry Sabato on The Big Story, with John Gibson, agreed with this assessment. I’m sure they’ll say, “Well, he took too long to admit that he was wrong.” Good. Let ‘em run on that or something else in that line of thought. It won’t matter as next spring and summer and fall, some troops will begin to come home in large numbers, just in time to remind people of “Iraq: The Success,” right before the election.

But, tonight, the politics and fallout of the speech will be muted as the Iraqi’s go to vote for the third time in 1 year. May they have a peaceful time–the terrorists understand how important this particular election is to the future of the region and its people.

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