Buckley Sends Me Off On a Tangent

by Mike on December 16, 2005

in Politics

William F. Buckley is brilliant as always in today’s column on the Iraqi elections. What struck me as I read it however had nothing to do with Iraq. It made me think about Democrats and their behavior here at home.

Today Buckley writes: “It is wise to remember that democratic exercises are pointless except as they commit the participants to accepting the consequences of losing. ” That one sentence tells us why Al Gore’s theatrics in 2000 were dangerous. Ditto for the Ohio moonbats in 2004. The scariest part of all with these sore loser scenarios is the fact that some courts are willing to change the rules after the fact to subvert the will of the people.

It’s pretty sad that the character of today’s liberal moonbats falls short of Richard Nixon’s. Nixon probably would have won the 1960 election absent, you guessed it, Democrat election fraud. In fact, Nixon actually won the popular vote. Nevetheless, Nixon conceded to JFK for the good of the country. For the record, I view Kennedy’s win as legitimate.

In the future, it is better to be safe than sorry. Let’s require voters to show identification at the polls. I wonder which party would oppose that?

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