Disappointment in Steve Laffey

by Sal on December 22, 2005

in Politics

Anchor Rising, a Rhode Island conservative blog, has a story regarding the position of Steve Laffey on drilling in ANWR. Unfortunately, Steve Laffey is against the drilling. His stance on drilling and on so-called “Big Oil” is unfortunate, as it plays into the hands of Democrat talking points, and is just flat-out untrue. It is especially disappointing because Rhode Islanders need a better Senator, and Steve Laffey is far superior to Lincoln Chafee, hence the reason that Axis of Right has endorsed Steve Laffey, and continues to do so. Rhode Islanders, please call the Steve Laffey Campaign office and urge him to change his stance on ANWR. It is vital to our national security, and would even better differentiate him from Chafee.

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Mike December 22, 2005 at 9:50 am

Count me disappointed as well. However, we must remember and we’ve said all along that Laffey will disagree with us at times. It is RI after all.

I don’t think a flip flop would be a smart move at this early stage of the campaign. I don’t like his ANWR position but that is just part of who Laffey is. Laffey is a great candidate because he is basically a conservative and electable. He isn’t Senator Coburn but that’s what makes him electable in RI. Laffey will be a significant improvement.


Ryan December 22, 2005 at 8:02 pm

Let the room ring with “dittoes.” I agree with both Sal and Mike that since Laffey is from RI and running in RI that one has to understand this concept. If the national GOP would just support him wholeheartedly, then maybe he would stop trying to blend in with RINO-esque style pandering and perhaps take a more pricnipled, pro-national security stand on oil drilling.

As Rick Santorum said on Hannity today, drilling in America is one of the surest ways to ensure that the oil processed is done in the cleanest way on God’s Green earth. Even the environmentalists could sport a few hzzah’s at that.


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