Rhode Island Christmas Tree Passes On

by Mike on December 23, 2005

in Politics

Rhode Island’s Christmas tree has died because some genius decided to spray a fire retardant chemical all over it. A newly implemented fire code required the tree to be sprayed. For those unfamiliar with Rhode Island, the new fire code was passed in response to the tragic Station nightclub fire.

This is an example of politicians overreacting to tragedy. Liberals believe the appropriate response to every problem is overregulation. Safety requirements were rightly reviewed after the horrific fire. About 100 people were killed. But it must be remembered that the Station nightclub fire was started by a band and club owner who thought it would be cool to use pyrotechnics in a confined space surrounded by walls covered in foam insulation.

Rhode Island leaders responded to this act of stupidity by passing burdensome regulations that go far beyond the cause of the Station fire. The results of this overreaction include small businesses going under as a result of the costs associated with installing unnecessary fire prevention equipment, churches running deficits for the same reason and Christmas trees dying. Something had to be passed after the Station fire, Rhode Island’s leaders just got carried away.

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