by Ryan on December 28, 2005

in Politics

This latest poll from Rasmussen has 64% of the American people believing that wiretaps of the clandestine, George Bush “let’s beat the terrorists first, then beat the obstructionist FISA judges” nature are fine if used to combat terrorists. Mark Belling, filling in for Rush today, has made this the centerpiece of the show. He posits several questions: What are the Dems to do since they live and die by polls? What about who leaked this information? Couldn’t Fitzgerald expand his leak investigation to who leaked THIS significant and much more dangerous information?

This last point has piqued my interest. Fitz-mas may yet come, but not for the Dems. My long-standing theory on the leaks is that Jay Rockefeller is somehow behind them. This is just black-helicopter stuff, but something was fishy about the memo leaked from his office in 2003 regarding playing politics with the Iraq intelligence. As vice-chair of the intelligence committee, he has already shown on numerous occasions an animus toward Pat Roberts and George Bush. Keep an eye out.

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