NSA Revisited

by Ryan on January 1, 2006

in Politics

Happy New Year!

2006 should be a great year: the President’s on message, it’s becoming more obvious that we’re winning in Iraq, the Dems still don’t get it, and my brother should be coming home from the Sandbox by April, maybe May!

On that, President Bush today gave a short presser after meeting with some wounded soldiers in Texas. With the MSM looking for yet another “next thing that’ll take Bush down” they neglected to mention the fact that the phone taps only engage when KNOWN al Qaeda cells or individuals are calling INTO the USA. I think that this detail is crucially important. It not only suggests probable cause, but indicates smart surveillance, and seems very kosher with the Article II duties of the President in a time of war. Also, keep in mind that Congress knew about these taps, as did the Justice Department, and apparently so did the New York Times (also known as the Old Gray Hag, or the NY Slimes to our uber-conservative friends) for at least a year.

Where’s the scandal? Well, I believe that the scandal will end up being about the leaker, rather than the NSA plan itself. As it should be! Bush is not dumb (despite what our Leftist friends believe) and would NOT be so forcefully defending his position if he knew that a “gotchawas coming. I also believe that Deep Throat should be in jail, so should the leaker in this case, since they both left our national security a poorer thing during critical times (Vietnam, the Cold War in general, and the War on Terror). One can’t be a martyr without sacrifice, and those in the martyr business need to know that if they are wrong or politically minded in a selfish, self-serving way, that there are consequences.

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