What are They Smoking?! . . .Oh, Right

by Mike on January 3, 2006

in Politics

Governor Donald Carcieri (R-RI) is a popular conservative in the deepest of blue states. Unfortunately, Rhode Islanders have yet to realize that the Governor they support is practically powerless due to the Democrat stranglehold on the legislative branch. The partisan breakdown of the two chambers is enough to churn the stomach of normal people out there. The Democrats control the House by a margin of 60-15 and Democrats outnumber Republicans in the Senate by a count of 33-5. It’s been that way since the 1930s yet somehow the good people of our former state just can’t figure out why there is so much corruption.

On a related topic, Little Rhody has legalized medicinal marijuana despite the veto of Governor Carcieri. I’m all for states rights on the drug issue. From a procedural perspective, I don’t dispute Rhode Island’s right under the U.S. Constitution to pass this hideous law. My objection is with the substance. Little Rhody appears to have its head in the clouds on this one.

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Ryan January 3, 2006 at 7:57 pm

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Ryan January 3, 2006 at 7:58 pm

I am quite outraged that the People’s Republic could be so obnoxious as to legalize medicinal marijuana over the veto of the Don. Funny, that synthetic drugs with THC produce the same effect as the joint does… This is what happens when one party controls a state’s legislature since their 1934 coup d’etat.

I’m outraged.
I’m also glad I moved (when’s NJ going to follow suit?–who knows?).

On another note, my sister said that legalizing pot or other drugs would be fine if…
1. They have their own “Stoner” car insurance.
2. They have their own “Stoner” health insurance.

In know she was joking, but I think that drugs are just malities that affect addictive personalities, and that’s harmful to them and those that love them. So the glaucoma patient smokes some weed… it’s the 15 year old emboldened by such an act, giving him another excuse to continue with his hurtful and harmful behavior that affects me, as a teacher and an uncle, who can see this kind of act in the legislature contributing to the deliquency of some weak-minded, or otherwise troubled minors. It’s truly disappointing AND outrageous.


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