Culture of Corruption in Blue

by Ryan on January 5, 2006

in Politics

In the latest scandal that will bring down Bush, it turns out that some Democrats are going to have to be a part of any investigation, being that public records show a hint of Abramoff all over them as well.
CNS news reports and names a series of Democrats, including Harry Reid, as having taken donations, and quietly infers some shady activity as well. Jack Abramoff was practically smiling in court yesterday at the thought of naming names for the reduced sentence. Since by all accounts he’s pretty much a Republican behind the scenes, I’m not sure if he sees some kind of insidious revenge against the GOP, or the Dems. Either way, he knows something. But the Left’s demagogued “culture of corruption” has turned some Democrats blue nowadays!

PS– I though John “President” McCain and Russ “Not So” Feingold drove corruption and money out of politics in 2002 with the now infamous “Incumbancy Protection Act” (aka Campaign Finance Reform). What happened?

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