There They Go Again

by Mike on January 5, 2006

in Politics

I called it. So it’s not a filibuster, just a delay. The Democrats have used this tactic before. First they’ll claim to be be merely delaying proceedings to gather more information. Before you know it, we have a filibuster. Sometimes the President will call their bluff. At other times a pack of RINOs can crawl out from under their rocks. (Good luck winning my vote John McCain). Senate Republicans must invoke the Constitutional option if Judge Alito is filibustered. Issues like this one make Rhode Island’s upcoming decision crystal clear. Vote Laffey.

Isn’t it amazing how the Democrats NEVER change their playbook?

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Chris January 6, 2006 at 9:43 pm

You’re right! They are using this delay to go on a fishing expedition. Now their plans have been made public and after reading through them, I can tell you, they won’t work. Being from Jersey, I know many people from his town that know him and they have nothing but nice things to say. Even their (the libs) organization is behind Alito.

First they use ethnic slurs against him (and as a fellow Italian-American, I was pissed they were not challenged in the beginning), then they use a sexual term reserved for a barroom to besmirch him.

My advice to the Dems…bring it on. When the idiocy (sp?) their plan comes out, they will lose and not only will Alito get on the court, but this will hurt the Dems in Nov.


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