More from the Florida “Kangaroo” Court

by Sal on January 6, 2006

in Politics

The Florida Kangaroo Court (ahem, I mean “Supreme” Court) has thrown out the State Tuition voucher program. The ruling stated in part

Our decision does not deny parents recourse to either public or private school alternatives to a failing school. Only when the private school option depends upon public funding is choice limited.

Just as usual, when it comes to helping kids in failing schools, the Left sees no problem keeping the poor from having a chance to succeed when it satisfies the teacher’s union. The law in question was a narrow law that only allowed kids to go to a private school when a public school was designated as a failing school. The problem with public schools today is the lack of incentive for competition and for doing well. Some of the problems associated with the Public school system are:

  • Pay: Teachers are all paid based on tenure rather than merit, so the outstanding teachers who make a real impact on students are paid on the same payscale as the teachers who don’t care at all. I know the most of teachers out there really do care about their students and do so much in a very difficult job. Those teachers should be rewarded for their efforts, and the bad apples should be weeded out.
  • Performing Schools: There is little negative incentive for schools that consistently produce poor results. At the most, they typically lose funding, which only harms the students. Some people say that the answer isn’t to send kids to private schools, but rather to fix the schools. The problem with that idea is that fixing a school takes time, sometimes years, and those years could be extremely detrimental to the quality of education that a child receives.

Government enforces compulsory education, but then does not provide parents with the choice or the means to provide quality education if a child happens to live in a poor district. Children should be allowed to have a chance to attend the school of their choice, whether private or public, secular or religious, regardless of income level, class, race, color, or creed.

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msally6279 January 9, 2006 at 1:00 pm

According to these double standardites of the loony left, the right to choose only exists when the choice involves stabing a 9 month old baby in the neck and sucking out its brains. How silly of me to think that the liberals’ “pro-choice” credo actually insinuates that they are “pro-choice”. Obviously the right to choose a school for one’s children and the right to choose how to spend one’s hard earned money are choices far to complex/radical/criminal/______ (feel free to fill in the blank with a word of ridicule of your “choice”) for Americans to make.


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