Friar Committee to Nowhere

by Mike on January 9, 2006

in Anything Else

We began the Axis of Right as a forum to discuss politics or anything else. This will fall under the latter. Hey its our blog. Providence College has organized a committee to review its curriculum. The committee will be led by an all around good guy, the hopelessly liberal Professor William Hudson. In a moment of self parody, Hudson described the initial process: “The focus of the first few meetings will be essentially planning how to plan.” You gotta love liberal efficiency.

I spotted two libs on this committee right off the bat. I’ll be fair though, one of them tolerates dissenting opinion in the classroom. My advice to the committee: 1) Don’t touch Western Civ; 2) forget about your dream of a “diversity requirement”; and, 3) provide strict scrutiny to the Feinstein program. PC should be an abbreviation, not a description of our alma mater.

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