Bin Laden Aide Prosecuted

by Mike on January 11, 2006

in Politics

Ali Hamza Ahmad Sulayman al Bahlul, an aide to Osama Bin Laden is being prosecuted before a military tribunal. Since you can never tell these days, I’ll ask the question. What problems do you libs have with this one? Is this terrorist entitled to due process even though we are fighting a war? Should he be entitled to an Article III judge? A jury consisting of his peers? Who would those peers be? Are his Al Qaeda propaganda writings covered by the First Amendment? Was his phone secretly wiretapped? Does he require Perrier as his glass of water? Does his lemon chicken meal at Club Gitmo have enough glaze on it?

Some of these questions are satire. Some are actual objections raised by liberals. It’s amazing how blind hatred of one man (President Bush) can lead some to completely lose their minds. Losing their minds to the point where they show more hostility toward the President of the United States than toward Al Qaeda. And before you libs accuse conservatives of being harsher to liberals than Al Qaeda, I remind you that we supported wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We also think Club Gitmo shouldn’t be the paradise it is. As for our feelings toward you liberals, we just look at you and laugh.

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