The Gathering Storm

by Sal on January 13, 2006

in Politics

Iran is quickly becoming a hotbed of activity as they threaten to block inspections by the IAEA. The Eurpoean powers are about to referr the matter to the Security council to impose sanctions. As we all know, sanctions have never worked in the past, so expect a war with Iran within a year. The fact that Iran is reintroducing its nuclear program is troubling, especially coming after their recent statements about Israel, the U.S., and the West in general.

The U.N. Security council has proved vastly ineffective before, and the idea of a nuclear Iran is intolerable. This is not an Iraq WMD’s scenario, the Iranians are resuming their nuclear program and flaunting it in our faces. War may be our only answer. (The Air Force is already dispatching fighter planes to the area). Hopefully, President Bush has the political will to make the correct decisions and not bow to the political challenge that Iraq has presented should war become necessary.

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