Woeful Weekend

by Ryan on January 16, 2006

in Sports

On the topic of “anything else,” my team went down this weekend. The New England Patriots were defeated by the Denver Broncos in a mix of heartbreak and folly 27-13 on Saturday night. In my melancholy, I decided that the NFL playoffs are still to mean something since I love football. So, I decided to get behind the Colts… this IS Peyton Manning’s year, right? 21-18 Steelers said “no” to that notion.

So, after watching the slew of games this weekend, and now that my team is out of it, I have to get behind a team to support, if only half-heartedly. I have decided to get behind the Carolina Panthers. This decision is NOT officially endorsed by all three members of the Axis of Right, and it reflects MY feelings only.
I like the Panthers for the following reasons:

  1. They are very well coached. John Fox’s defensive attitude is tough, never give up on a tackle or a play, and resilient. They remind me very much of the Pats. Two years ago they took the Pats to a 32-29 Panther loss; it was an exciting, 9-seconds-left kind of game.
  2. They’ve peaked at the right time, being solid on both sides of the ball.
  3. They can overcome the injuries that they have sustained with solid back-ups, especially in the running back area. They have depth in other words.
  4. They blanked the Giants–’nuff said.

But, I am realistic:

  1. Seattle is awesome– plain and simple.
  2. Even if they advance to the Super Bowl, Denver or Pittsburgh will give them a serious run given that, unlike Chicago, both of those teams have an offense to match a stingy defense.
  3. My picks, however, have been horrible this NFL playoff post-season. But, since the Pats can’t be there this year, Panthers are the most Patriot-like, so I’m behind them.

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Mike January 17, 2006 at 9:51 am

Although Panther fans have been Panther fans sice the Panthers have existed. Most Patriot fans became Patriot fans upon the arrival of Bill Parcells.

In Ryan’s defense, he was a Patriots fan when Scott Zolack and Misson Sisson were on the team. He may have worn a paper bag on his head, but he was A Pats fan.


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