Why are people leaving the People’s Republic?

by Sal on January 17, 2006

in Politics

This great article in the Boston Globe chronicles the mass exodus from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. It also alludes to the fact that Rhode Island and New York are not far behind. It’s thesis is simple. Liberal policies, big government, and over-regulation of businesses have prevented new businesses from moving to or starting up in MA, or existing business to expand in MA. Some of the problems with the state that this article highlights are:

  • A state legislature always in session
  • The infamous court decision regarding Gay Marriage
  • No accountability for state officials
  • Ted Kennedy (need I say more)
  • The biggest item on the Assembly’s agenda is the public funding of college tuition to Illegal Immigrants
  • The Big Dig
  • A tax cut initiative that is overwhelmingly passed by the people is never enacted by the legislature.

MA is a nice place to live, from a normal every-day life standpoint. But it’s government and politics is so dysfunctional that MA has one of the highest housing markets in the country, high taxes (hence the nickname “Taxachussetts”), and is growing worse every day. Until the people of this state wake up and elect some fresh blood, the problems will continue and more people will flee the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

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noonan January 17, 2006 at 11:53 am

higher abortion rates may account for some of the decrease in population too. plus being in the northeast, there’s probably less immigration offsetting that loss than you’d find in more southern areas


noonan January 17, 2006 at 11:56 am

no relation to Peggy


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