A chilling day in Massachusetts

by Sal on January 18, 2006

in Politics

Back in November, I reported on a story here from the People’s Republic on 11-year old Haleigh Poutre, who is currently a ward of the state. Young Haleigh was injured in an alleged abuse case by her parents, and now the state wants to remove life support so they can charge the father with murder. This was going through the court system for some time, but the wonderful SJC of Massachusetts ruled today that the life support can end.

Where have we gone as a country when judges are deciding whether innocent people can live or die? Even in death penalty cases, a person must be sentenced to death by a jury of peers. In this case, and in the Terry Schiavo case, judges decreed that their life was forfeit. What bothers me most in this case is that the state itself id deciding that she should die so that a criminal charge can be brought. This is disgusting and chilling.

Thanks to my wife (Mrs. Sal) for pointing out the story.

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November 20, 2008 at 1:00 pm

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